KULR (Billings)- Coming on August 3rd is the commissioning of the USS Billings in Key West, Florida.

"There's never been another ship named after Billings and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Everybody in Billings should be proud," said Billings Mayor Bill Cole.

Proud to have a little piece, or in this case, pieces of our city in the USS Billings. 

Street signs from some of the most popular streets in the Magic City will be displayed along the corridors of the ship.

The street signs will be sent out to Key West next week and Mayor Cole says this effort is all about linking our city to the ship.

"Instead of saying they'll meet up on the top passage way, they'll be able to say we'll see you on Montana Ave. or we'll see you on King Ave. or Rimrock Rd. It's just a great way to create those connections," said Mayor Cole.

Beaming with pride, Mayor Cole says we should be proud that a beautiful ship like the USS Billings is protecting our nation all while sharing the name of the city we call home.

Ron Spence, Commissioning Coordinator for the USS Billings Commissioning Committee said he got the idea to do this from the USS Missouri, the only other ship to do it. After bringing the idea to the captain of the ship, Ron tells us the answer was a resounding yes.

"For us to be able to get streets of our city that'll be on the ship for the next 30 to 40 years, people will be recognizing that. The crew members will all know these streets. Hopefully, some of these people will come to Billings and when they do they'll say hey, I used to come down Grand Ave. everyday on the ship, and they'll be able to do that everyday when they come to our city," said Spence.

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