Cat food

MISSOULA -- Some furry friends in Missoula now have full bellies, thanks to the community who stepped up in a time of need.

AnImeals put out a desperate call for donations on Facebook, when they realized they were low on cat food. 

The request was quickly met as donations started pouring in less than an hour after the post was made.

It comes after Walmart had a policy change, keeping them from donating broken cat food bags to the shelter, which was 50 percent of the food they get.

That's why AnImeals' Executive Director, Diane Denessen, said she's thankful for all the support.

"Thank you, thank you so much for your response and on behalf of AnImeals and the recipients of all this food, we are very grateful, we are very grateful," Denessen said.

As of Wednesday, they've received 8,625 pounds of cat food.

They are still accepting donations which can be dropped off at 1700 Rankin Street, Missoula, MT 59808.

They also have an Amazon Kitten Wishlist and a Shelter Wishlist.

If you go to Smile Amazon you can select AnImeals as a non-profit to donate to. 

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