Tracy Smith

Tracy comes to Nonstop Local in Billings all the way from Niceville, Florida, where her family retired from the Air Force. Growing up she moved around the country a lot, experiencing different weather patterns and climates, which inevitably led her to her love of weather and her bachelor of science degree in meteorology, from Florida State. She joined our team in January 2015 and has since covered:

- The multiple fire outbreaks of March 2015, due to gusty 60-70 mph winds and record high temperatures in the 80s.

- The winter of 2017-2018, when Billings received the most snowfall on record at 106.1 inches of snow.

- Golf and tennis ball size hail that damaged Roundup in May 2018, and another hailstorm in August 2019, that produced golf and baseball size hail in Shepherd, Huntley, Worden, and Billings, killing over 13,000 wetland birds at the Big Lake Management Area.

During that time she’s also covered tornadoes, floods, ice jams, and much more keeping our community safe with each seasonal obstacle that mother nature throws our way. Tracy’s love for Montana has no limits, as she loves to explore and learn about our small towns, mountains, and National Parks. If you’d like to reach out to Tracy, you can email her at

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