Majestic Storm

Whether it's watching a late night summer thunderstorm light up the back field of the house she grew up in, or listening to Christmas music while driving through a blizzard – changing weather and different seasons drives Majestic's passions.

Her most asked question of course is: "Majestic Storm... Is that your REAL name"? Hard to believe, but it is in fact her real name! Guess she was destined to be a weather forecaster!

Born and raised in Spokane, Washington, she has fallen in love with the beauty of the four seasons that the Pacific Northwest provides, and now believes she has the best job ever! While she was a senior in high school, she visited a local news station and after sharing with the weather forecaster that she wanted to someday become a meteorologist, he gave her a rare opportunity to go on live TV for a fun segment and to do the weather. The rest was history!

A very proud first generation college student, Majestic earned a degree in journalism and media production at Washington State University at the Edward R. Murrow College Of Communication. During her four years at WSU she was an anchor, reporter, and forecaster for Murrow News 8, the town's only nightly newscast. She also worked for Cable 8 where she worked on several shows. Majestic returned back to the same station that introduced her to broadcasting, KHQ, and interned while she was in college for a summer. Fast forward 4 years, she was hired on just a short time after graduating college, as a weather forecaster at the same exact station where she fell in love with news and weather.

Next stop for Majestic is to earn her meteorology degree from Mississippi State University while tracking severe weather across the country, in hopes to one day make it to the Big Apple!

When she isn't tracking the radar, she is outside enjoying the weather – rain or shine!

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