Polson teacher promotes 'Indigenous Formal Attire'

POLSON, Mont. - A Polson Elementary School teacher has gained social media attention for posting pictures wearing what he calls, 'Indigenous Formal Attire.'

Rod Ivan FirstStrike is using his platform as a school teacher to encourage kids to be proud of their culture through what they wear.

Firstrike gained a lot of attention over the post below, where he calls himself a 'Classy Indigenous Male Teacher.''

In an interview with ABC FOX, he said he wanted to break the disconnect between schools and their community by bring culture into the schools through what he wears.

By setting an example for his students, he said he wants them to feel confident in their cultures as well.

"We want everybody to be sitting at the same table, and we want everybody to know there's a history of where they come from and its not all going to be the same. It's always going to intertwine, like a spiders web," FirstStrike said.

He added that his students get excited to see what he's going to wear each day they come to class, and while he's had his fair share of being mocked and made fun of, he said it's all worth it.

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