James Jensen's attempt to plead guilty rejected

James Jensen is accused of coercing and enticing minors to engage in sexual activity. 

A former Miles City athletic trainer accused of coercion and enticement of minors to engage in sexual activity attempted to change his plea to guilty Tuesday. 

James "Doc" Jensen is accused of sexually assaulting boys for years at Custer County District High School. Jensen admitted to that accusation in an interview with KULR-8 in September, 2018. 

In Tuesday's hearing, U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Cavan rejected James "Doc" Jensen's plea change in court, saying there is not enough evidence constituting that charge. 

Judge Cavan questioned whether they have jurisdiction to pursue charges in federal court. During the hearing, he asked prosecution to provide necessary proof Jensen used the internet for interstate commerce to coerce his alleged victims, or if he was using his computer to just gather information. 

If his computer was not used to coerce the minors, and was only used for information, Judge Cavan said this does not constitute a crime. 

Judge Cavan gave prosecution one week to gather their proof Jensen coerced the minors through his computer. They will then reconvene Tuesday, February 19. 

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