'I love skating. It's my passion:' Teen describes effort to bring a skate park to Laurel

LAUREL, Mont. - A group in Laurel is working to bring a skate park to the city.

The group says they have only been working on the project for about a week, and they already have a lot of support from the community.

Youth Skater Advocate Tyler Arneson has been skating since second grade.

"I love skating," he said. "It's my passion."

Arneson has been collecting signatures on a petition that will eventually be taken to the Laurel City Council.

"My English teacher actually helped me print out a petition," Arneson said. "I didn't know what I was doing. So, she helped me out. The first day, by the end of my last period, I had the whole, entire packet filled out with signatures. The whole high school is super excited for it."

Project Organizer Amanda Wilson said the project could take anywhere from one to four years depending on community support. Right now, they are focused on writing grants, collecting signatures on the petitions, and getting more support from the community.

Arneson is hoping for a skate park similar to the one in Billings, although with a separate area for the younger skaters. He said it can be challenging to find a safe place to skate.

"We've gone from spot to spot to spot," he said. "We've been kicked out of everywhere. So, we're just running out of places. We need a safe place for the little kids."

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