Over 535,000 ballots returned so far in Montana

The Office of the Montana Secretary of State said 535,423 ballots have been returned at the time of this article out of 656,784 ballots sent out. To see the latest numbers go to the link here and click on "Absentee Counts by County."

The record for votes cast in an election in Montana is 516,901. That was in the 2016 General Election.

Director of Elections and Voter Services for the Office of Montana Secretary of State Dana Corson said we don't know if it's a historic voter turnout yet because some of the returned ballots in this election may be undeliverable or may have problems. Although Corson said everyone in his office and the county offices has been busy.

"And, as I understand it, there are lots of lines in all of the counties with people wanting to get registered, so I think we're going to see a lot of late registration numbers come up," he said.

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