Healing Arts exhibit at Holter Museum helps St. Peter's patients express themselves

HELENA, Mont. -- The Holter Museum of Art has unveiled a new exhibit showing art made in partnership with St. Peter's Health.

The exhibit is helping to provide patients in St. Peter's Behavioral Health Unit with an outlet to express themselves creatively. The exhibit is free of charge, for those who want to come see it.

The museum began providing art classes to patients last June and after a year of collaboration, decided to unveil some of the work in this exhibit. Heather Myers is a recreation therapist for the unit at St. Peter’s and helps oversee the classes, and spoke about what has stood out to her while watching patients put the art together.

"They're connecting with someone besides someone that works here, you know?” Myers said.

“So really being able to see them connect with another person in the community, and especially if art is something that really speaks to them, really seeing them open up."

Myers says patients find themselves more at ease while also finding they were overjoyed to learn their work would be in a museum. The hospital is excited to provide the outlet, and they said other community partnerships are something they will consider in the near future.

More information about the exhibit and when you can visit is available here.


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