Veteran Ron Daley returns home after being hospitalized for a whole year

CHOTEAU, Mont. - After being hospitalized for a whole year due to COVID, one veteran finally made his way back home.

Choteau residents welcomed back Veteran Ron Daley, who was hospitalized for 369 days and now has a new appreciation for his family and his hometown.

Daley was attacked by the virus back in 2020 and what started as a cough, turned into something much worse.

"We got a prayer request he had contracted COVID and to pray for him," said Pastor Dale Janzen.

Daley lost feeling on the right side of his body but after months of therapy and hard work from health officials from Miles City and other Central Montana locations, Daley is finally able to make his return home.

"I missed a lot... with all my kids... but, now it's a new start," Ron said.

Ron will get a chance to see his family and church members, and of course, this is a day they couldn't wait for.

"I’ve been waiting for this day for I don't even know how long... I barely slept last night," Ron’s daughter Delani Daley said.

"Excited as can be... when I got the news I actually broke down and cried," said Janzen.

"So excited and so happy and just thankful... very thankful," said Ron’s mother-in-law Karen Carlson.

Not only was it welcoming to see Ron's face again, but some say it was also exciting seeing the support from the community.

"There has been so much support from the people in this community and all over... it's been awesome," said Carlson.


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