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NNAHOF Website

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Back in 2016, James Parker Shield of the Little Shell Tribe created the National Native American Hall of Fame (NNAHOF) to honor those who have accomplished a lot in their life. 

He saw there was a need for the NNAHOF after seeing a hall of fame for almost everything else. 

“Native Americans are like everybody else. You go past a couple generations and people start forgetting what was done or what was accomplished ahead of them. Right now, the lifestyle and the rights that Native Americans have is owed in great part to the people who were inducted into the hall of fame," said Parker Shield. 

On November 6, 2021, there were eight people inducted into the hall with major contributions to the arts, business, medicine, government and more. 

  1. Dave Anderson: Choctaw/Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe
  2. U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell: Northern Cheyenne
  3. Joy Harjo: Muscogee (Creek) Nation
  4. Marcella LeBeau: Cheyenne River Sioux
  5. Emil Notti: Athabascan
  6. Katherine Siva Saubel: Cahuilla/Morongo Band of Mission Indians
  7. Ernie Stevens Sr.: Oneida Nation
  8. W. Richard West: Southern Cheyenne/Arapaho

To learn more about the inductees, click here

He says it's not just about their achievements and contributions to Native American communities and culture. 

He says it's not just about their achievements and contributions to Native American communities and culture.

“It also adds to the fabric of America itself," said Parker Shield.

Since the first induction ceremony in 2018, there have been two Montanans inducted, both from the Blackfeet Nation - Elouise Cobell and Forest Gerard.

But the NNAHOF isn't just about inducting people into the hall.

“The second thing we’ve done is we’ve developed curriculum around those inductees and lessons plans on each one of them that we’re making available to schools all over the country. And of course, the third thing that will be happening in the near future is building a facility and we’ve picked Oklahoma as the location for that facility," said Parker Shield.

To learn more about the NNAHOF, click here. 

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