William Edward Miller

GREAT FALLS- William Edward Miller Jr. has been sentenced to 1 year deferred with unsupervised probation after a plea deal was reached earlier this year.

Miller Jr., plead guilty to one of the 64 counts of sexual abuse of children after detectives found several photos and disturbing web searches on his cell phone and laptop.

The plea deal dismissed all the other charges and allowed the judge to determine the sentencing.  In this case, it was up to Judge Elizabeth Best.  The deferred sentence, means as long as Miller doesn't break the law over the next year, this charge will fall off his record.  

Miller was arrested in February of 2019 for rape and was making phone calls from jail asking people to get someone to destroy his phone. Detective Price later received an anonymous call stating that the woman was trying to get a ride to Miller’s house in Neihart to take his phone and possibly his computer.

The woman originally denied asking for rides to Miller’s house to destroy any items that could get people in trouble. The woman said she only wanted to go to Miller’s home to get her clothes and personal items, claiming she was worried about police going to Miller’s home and taking her stuff, insisting that Miller did not ask her to dispose of anything.

The woman also did not want police taking Miller’s phone and laptop because they had recorded sex acts between them and she didn’t want someone to see.

The woman said in an interview with detectives that she did not believe that there was any child pornography on any of the devices, and that anything that could be found involved teenagers her age.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for Miller’s Neihart address.  Several items were seized during their search and Miller’s mother, who also lives at the house, followed officers around at times speaking on the phone about what was going on to who was presumably  the woman.

The detectives found a laptop and a loaded gun under a mattress in the house. Their warrant did not include the laptop, however they took the laptop to prevent anyone from tampering with it while they waited on getting a warrant.

On February 27th Detective Price obtained search warrants for the woman’s phone, Miller’s supposed phone and the laptop.

During the search of the woman’s phone, detectives noticed a search history for bestiality and horses for sale along with searches for food recipes, legal related sites and articles for sexual assault cases.

March 1st after searching Miller’s smart phone, detectives found sexual images involving Miller and The woman time dated before she had turned 18.

On April 19th after reviewing Miller’s laptop, Homeland Security Investigation Agent Al Kinsley found several possible child porn images and thousands of bestiality-related images.

 After a review, they found that several of the images on the laptop qualified as child porn since they involved children aged between 0 and 17-years-old. Many of the photos were of woman dated from before she would have turned 18, along with screenshots of cyber sex between her and Miller on Skype.


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