GREAT FALLS, Mont. - One of Great Falls' very own is officially called to the big stage to showcase his top-notch cooking skills on the newest season of Hell's Kitchen.

After nearly cooking his whole life and now getting a chance to compete against other great chefs, Antonio Ruiz says he's ready to take on the challenge.

Ruiz is competing on the blue team and will get a chance to take on some of the world's top youngest chefs.

Over his years cooking, Ruiz has been able to work with big names like Iron Chef Morimoto, but he says working alongside Gordon Ramsay is a different experience.

"Being around him, being around his intensity, being around his standards...  anything that's not the best does not fly. It’s not good, it's not good enough. It’s either perfect or it's not," said Ruiz.

Ruiz spent about nine years in Great Falls before moving to San Antonio, but still plans on using this experience to represent the electric city.

"I have a tattoo that I show on the show a lot. That’s the CM Russell logo, you know, having that on there with the San Antonio makes sense. So, I definitely always have Great Falls in my heart. You know Great Falls and the 406 on my back... I love it," he said.

Ruiz will continue to compete every Monday night right on Hell's Kitchen, and he'll get a chance to win a $250,000 cash prize and become the executive chef of Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.


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