Governor Steve Bullock

Photo courtesy of C-SPAN/YouTube, MGN. 

HELENA - Gov. Steve Bullock held a press briefing Monday with the state's Coronavirus Task Force addressing the recently confirmed coronavirus cases in Big Horn County and Yellowstone County. 

Gov. Bullock said Montana saw an increase of 40 new coronavirus cases reported in the state last week, 22 active cases in Big Horn County and 12 active cases in Yellowstone County. 

State Medical Officer Dr. Gregory Holzman said they have pinpointed the two COVID-19 cluster spreads in both counties. While the cluster spreads are still under investigation, Holzman says they were able to link the cases to where the spread originated. Holzman says they are not detecting a community spread at this time, but they are doing contact tracing in order to keep the cluster spread contained.

Gov. Bullock clarified community spread of COVID-19 means they cannot pinpoint the origin of the spread; however, Gov. Bullock said there has not been in this situation in Montana so far.

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