In Person Voting

BILLINGS, Mont. - Senator Steve Daines was in Billings Friday to encourage people to get out and vote. It's the first day you can turn in a ballot at MetraPark.

"I love the excitement! We're in the greatest country in the world, we get to do this!"

For Billings native Sean McDaniel, voting in person has become a tradition over the years.

"I think its important that we still represent and we still come in, we vote in person," McDaniel said.

In fact, he thinks everyone should do it, and he says showing up in person to the Montana Pavilion is the best way to get his vote counted.

"I don't think this should be a mail-in ballot state. You hear the stories...ballots being thrown away, a waste basket, or thrown in ditches. Personally, I wish we could all vote in person," McDaniel said.

"We are issuing absentee ballots earlier than the mail ballots, essentially that's what it boils down to," Election Administrator Bret Rutherford said.

Senator Steve Daines was in Billings Monday morning, encouraging supporters to send in their ballots.

"Montanans are anxious and energized to cast their votes, and literally today, Montanans can start casting votes," Daines said.

He pointed out this election could impact the confirmation of recent Supreme Court justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett, and how Gov. Bullock has a different vision for the state.

"There's so many differences between the two of us. We need to make sure the voices of Montanans is heard this election," Daines said.

Mail-in ballots are scheduled to be sent out on October 9.


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