BELGRADE, Mont. - While Vice President Mike Pence made his speech in Belgrade Monday afternoon, we followed along to do some fact checking with political analyst Dr. Paul Pope.

VP: "We are on track to have the first coronavirus vaccine before the end of this year."

PP: "It's in the realm of possibility, but all the health experts are saying it's highly unlikely."

VP: "We have been working every day to improve the lives, the education, the jobs, opportunities, the public safety for African Americans and every minority."

PP: "Frisking and pulling over of African Americans is far higher than it is for white Americans so the problems that existed before Trump still exist with Trump."

VP: "Because of the last administration, we saw a backlog of maintenance that surmounted the tens of millions of dollars. Our national parks were falling into disrepair."

PP: "They still have that problem. It hasn't changed. And it's true what they are saying about the Obama administration, but that's Congress, Congress has to appropriate funds. The president can only ask for them, and Obama asked for them and he didn't get the money and they still haven't gotten the money."

Pence also stated former vice president and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden plans to increase taxes by $4 trillion.  Pope says Biden is only going to increase taxes to those making over $400,000 a year.


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