Lakeside Shot

Social Media Screenshot sent in to KHQ

UPDATE Sept. 14 5:50 PM: 

According to the Bonner County Sheriff's Office, juvenile suspects are being investigated after a rock was thrown at a Lakeside High School bus following a football game Friday. 

BCSO said the video shows that a large object entered the bus on the driver's side through the window and exited through the window on the passenger's side. 

Another video shows two people throwing objects and running away. 

Detectives recovered a baseball-sized rock at the crime scene. 

BCSO said the names of the suspects will not be released since they are minors. 


Some kind of shot was fired at a Lakeside High School bus following a football game Friday night at Clark Fork High School, according to a message from Superintendent Russ Mitchell. 

In a statement posted on Facebook, Mitchell said after the football game, students boarded the bus and began the journey home. After only about a mile, a loud noise was heard and two of the bus windows shattered. The bus driver pulled over to look at the damage and it was determined that "some type of projectile" had been shot through one side of the bus and traveled outside the other side of the bus. 

No students were seriously, hurt, according to Mitchell. 

Authorities were called and all passengers were checked out while evidence was collected. The students stopped in Sandpoint to eat while Plummer-Worley staff reached out to administrative staff from Clark Fork to discuss what had happened. 

"I would like to add a personal thought or two," Superintendent Mitchell said. "Until authorities have investigated the incident, it is unknown who or what ultimately happened. Having had close personal friends on the giving and receiving end of such incidences, I personally remain mystified by it all. I get frustrated by the dangers my children, grandchildren, friends and community face and at times feel helpless in being able to keep all safe. Whether accidental or purposeful, it is difficult to apply logic to such behavior. It is easy to be angry, but our responsibility as a role model requires that we demonstrate to our kids how to react in unthinkable situations and in what sometimes seems to be an upside down world."

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