Thursday's officer involved shooting suspect appears in court

BILLINGS, Mt. - The suspect in last Thursday’s officer-involved shooting, Corey Simon appeared in court Monday morning via video conference.

Simon is charged with felony assault with a weapon and a misdemeanor for obstructing a peace officer. Simon pleads not guilty to the charges.

The Yellowstone County District Attorney says Simon ran from an officer after being tased and racked a gun which caused the officer to fire his weapon.

Judge Todd sets the bond for 20,000 dollars.

Simon is suspected of engaging in suspicious activity at the Cenex Gas Station at 11th Avenue North and North 27th St. in Billings.

Billings Police say Simon allegedly left the store on foot. Simon was found moments later near the area of North 12th St. and North 22nd St. by officer Hilde.

Billings Police Chief St. John says officer Hilde told the suspect to stop resisting. Then a fight took place. St. John says Simon kept resisting and tried reaching toward his waist. As officer Hilde pulled his taser he reported seeing Simon pull a semi-automatic handgun.

St. John says Hilde feared for his safety and that's why he fired one round from his gun. The bullet did not hit Simon as he ran away.

This investigation is on going.


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