Intruders caught on camera lurking in Billings neighborhood backyard

"I'm glad she didn't enter because... she would have been shot."

BILLINGS, Mont. -- A few intruders were caught on camera allegedly trying to break into a home on Rimrock Road.

Tara Kirschenmann lives in the home with her husband and two-year old daughter.  This was her response, "I'm glad she didn't enter because... she would have been shot."

Kirschenmann says just before 11 p.m., her security cameras show two to three people walking around, unplugging cords, and jiggling the back door while their two-year-old was home with a babysitter.

"and you can hear on camera... it sounds like two separate male voices, so she kept kind of turning back and you can kind of hear them," says Kirschenmann, "I don't know exactly what they were saying.. either it was locked, or something along those lines, but it sounded like they were encouraging her to break in."

Minutes later, around midnight, Billings PD came knocking at their front door looking for the same intruders.  This unfortunate sequence of events led to the Kirschenmann's dog running outside the back gate and being hit by a car.

"It's really unsettling knowing that you can just be in your home watching TV thinking... you know, having lights on and TV on is enough to deter people from doing this, but it isn't," says Kirschenmann.

Kirschenmann's babysitter says she was sitting on the living room couch at the time, easily visible from three windows that lead out to the backyard.  Kirschenmann says this isn't just one isolated incident, but the third time someone has disturbed her and her family's property starting with someone stealing their trailer parked outside their front porch.

"The theft less than a year ago, then we had somebody in our house just a few months ago, and then last night, which didn't turn into anything, other than somebody attempting to break in nothing really happened, but it's alarming and concerning that there's such an uptick in crime."

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