Willie Redd

BILLINGS - Court documents released Thursday outline the circumstances leading to a felony charge of aggravated assault against 35-year-old Willie Redd.

Billings Police says multiple patrol officers responded to the emergency room at Billings Clinic on Wednesday, Feb. 3 after receiving report of a three-year-old child who sustained significant physical injuries. The child was later flown to Denver Children's Hospital.

BPD Detective Robert Miller was assigned to follow-up on the case, as hospital staff said the child's injuries were inconsistent with the account supplied by the child's mother.

The mother told Detective Miller that she left her child in the care of Redd on Tuesday, Feb. 2 while she went to work. She said Redd contacted her early the next morning, advising her that the child required emergency medical attention.

The document states that Redd told the child's mother that he had taken the child to Taco Bell around 12:30 a.m. on Feb. 3 to buy food. After parking near the intersection of 16th Street West and Central Avenue, Redd told her an unknown vehicle pulled up next to his car while he and the child were eating inside.

The occupants of the unknown vehicle began firing at Redd, according to the defendant, which caused him to accelerate away, almost reaching "100 miles per hour." Redd told the mother that the child was not restrained in her car seat, causing her to be thrown around the vehicle. The document states Redd pulled over at a car wash and called the child's mother to inform her of the situation.

After locating Redd's vehicle, Detective Miller said two bullet holes were in the driver's door, the windshield was fractured and there were minimal amounts of blood found in the car. The document states the car was otherwise undamaged.

On Wednesday, Feb. 10, the child was released from the Denver's Children Hospital. Pediatric Trauma Surgeon Andrew Sirotnak, M.D. outlined the child's extensive injuries to the investigating detective, which he said could not have been sustained through the events described by Redd.

On Monday, Feb. 8, the U.S. Marshals Montana Violent Offender's Task Force (MVOTF) issued a BOLO alert for Redd for a violation of his probation connected to a prior weapons possession charge.

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, the MVOTF apprehended Redd, who was then transported to Billings City Hall.

There, the document states Redd outlined the events he described to the child's mother to Detective Miller. Documents say he told the detective he drove away from the scene as quickly as possible, and that he eventually lost the other car with the alleged shooters. He told the detective he switched vehicles at a local car wash.

He admitted that he had been the only person watching the child that day and that no one else had watched her.

At the conclusion of the interview, Redd was remanded to the Yellowstone County Detention Facility.

The document states Detective Miller obtained video surveillance footage from Taco Bell and the car wash from that night. Detective Miller said he could see a windshield fracture on Redd's vehicle when he entered the Taco Bell drive-thru, but no bullet holes or other damage to the vehicle was noticed. Video surveillance at the car wash also did not show any bullet holes or damage to the vehicle.

A review by Detective Miller of dispatch traffic from that morning found no reports of a car chase involving gunshots were made.

This case remains under investigation.


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