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CHEYENNE, Wyo. - Wyoming residents are being warned of fraud calls from people falsely claiming to represent the Wyoming Department of Health.

According to the Wyoming Department (WDH) of Health, the calls are connected to a department of health information breach.

WDH reports they recently described a mistaken exposure of laboratory test result data involving more than 164,000 Wyoming residents and others including hundreds from Colorado. 

The incident involved COVID-19 and influenza test result data and breath alcohol test result files mistakenly uploaded by an employee to private and public online storage locations on servers belonging to according to the WDH.

“The callers falsely claim to represent us, say they are calling about the breach and then ask the individuals they’ve reached for insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or other financial information. In some instances, it seems they have been able to make it appear as if the calls are coming from state government phone numbers,” Jeri Hendricks, Office of Privacy, Security and Contracts administrator with WDH said.

Hendricks says nobody representing the department will ask for your insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or personal financial information and that nobody representing the department will call about the breach unless they are returning a call you made first.

According to the WDH, affected files do not contain social security numbers, or banking, financial, health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid information but did include name or patient id, address, date of birth, test results and dates of service.

You can call a special WDH information line dedicated to the breach at 1(833) 847-5916 which will be available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Wyoming residents who received COVID-19 or influenza tests anywhere in the United States between January 2020 and March 9, 2021, but who do not receive a written notice within the next two weeks to call the information line to learn if their information was involved. 

Those who were affected in the breach are being offered a year of free IdentityForce by the WDH. If you were impacted by the breach you can call the WDH information line at 1(833) 847-5916 for an IdentityForce verification code to allow online enrollment for the service.

You can read the full release from the Wyoming Department of Health on their website here. The official Wyoming Department of Health notice about the breach can be found on their website here.

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