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BILLINGS- After a non-direct care staff member of St. John’s United contracted COVID-19, 320 residents and staff were tested.

A release from St. John’s says 318 tests returned negative, and one employee and one non-nursing home elder tested positive.

The employee and the elder did not have contact with each other, which the release says causes high suspicion that both contracted the virus through community spread.

St. John’s will continue with weekly follow-up testing until they have zero positive tests for two weeks.

This testing was the second round of testing and began Friday, July 10 and will go on into the early part of the next week.

The staff of St. John’s United Home Health and Hospice have participated in sentinel testing over the past four weeks as well as follow up testing as they care for seniors throughout the community. All tests have been negative at this time.

At this time, visitation is being restricted.

The St. John’s United Incident Command Team recommending that all citizens use masking to protect each other as an alternative to sheltering in place.

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