HELENA- The Montana Department of Revenue (MDR) is allowing some businesses to sell and deliver alcohol for off-premises consumption.

Only retailers and manufacturers with an active alcoholic beverage license, and agency liquor stores with a current franchise agreement can sell alcohol for delivery where businesses have been shut down by the government according to the MDR. 

On-premises and off-premises licensees, manufacturer licensees and agency liquor stores are allowed to: 

  • Sell alcoholic beverages to consumers to drink somewhere else

  • Take alcoholic beverage orders and payments on the phone or computer 

  • To deliver alcoholic beverages off the licensed premises by employees over the age of 21, including a parking lot or curb

  • To sell alcohol through a drive-up window

Licensees must still follow all laws pertaining to the Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Act.

All license types and agency stores are not allowed to sell to a person under 21 years of age or to any person actually, apparently or obviously intoxicated.

Third-party services such as Grubhub are not allowed to order, pickup and/or deliver alcohol.

The MDR notes that the privileges will no longer be applicable when the Governor’s Directive expires at the end of the declared state of emergency.

For a full list of guidelines for businesses allowed to sell and deliver alcohol for off-premises consumption, you can visit the MDR website here.