BILLINGS, Mont. -- After nearly 5 years of service, Oktoberfest German Restaurant will be serving their last meals at their Grand Avenue location on July 3rd.

"With COVID going on, half the tables in here, and half the revenue that goes with that... plus a lot of the prices for pork and beef and chicken and everything is skyrocketing," says owner Ernie Adams.

Their restaurant may be closing, but Birgitt and Ernie's authentic German cuisine will not be lost.  Birgitt and Ernie say they will still be serving from their food truck -- now their last means of survival.

Birgitt says over the last five years her staff has become family, "We had Thanksgiving in here with the staff every year, we had our Christmas parties.... yeah.. it's going to be missed."

She also says she's seen an outpour of support from the community during these unprecedented times.

"Thank you for embracing us, embracing my culture.... just thank you," she says.

As two beloved local restaurants are closing its doors in Billings, John Brewer, President and CEO of Billings Chamber of Commerce says they are continuing to look for new ways to support local business.  He says the chamber has been connecting small businesses to decision-makers across the region through zoom calls and tele-meetings.

"We've also been connecting consumers with discounts offered as well and just reminding people to utilize these local businesses to help them out," he says.