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HELENA - Montana is giving a total of $2 million in assistance to small to middle-sized meat processing businesses in the state that are experiencing financial losses due to COVID-19, Montana Department of Agriculture announced Monday.

According to a release from the MTDOA, the Montana Meat Processing Infrastructure Grant is awarding each qualified business up to $150,000 to expand infrastructure and space. 

“With increased demand on both the national supply chain and our local food systems, it’s time to invest in in-state meat processing,” Ben Thomas, Director of Montana Department of Agriculture, said in a release. “These grants give our producers an opportunity to shift their operations, so they can access new markets, and we can keep quality Montana raised meat here in Montana.”

MTDOA says the grant was made possible by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Security Act by the federal government.

Deadline to submit applications is July 2. 

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