KULR- In a time of social isolation, you're likely to find yourself alone a lot.

With the constant consumption of news, especially during a pandemic, it's important to step away for a moment and focus on your mental health.

"Connecting with people is still critical and we have the technology to do that" says Neuropsychologist Brenda Roche of Billings Clinic.

Dr. Roche says although we may be social distancing and spending a lot of time in our homes, we should still be speaking with our loved ones, for the better of our mental well being.

Dr. Roche says during this time of isolation, we should still try to keep some sort of routine and schedule. This may include setting a window to eat breakfast, bathe, or take a walk.

She adds its imperative to not spend too much time on social media. By constantly consuming the information flooding our social media platforms and news outlets, this can only increase our anxiety, making us feel more on edge.

If you are feeling some of those heightened levels of anxiety, some of the best things Dr. Roche says you can do is deep breathing, meditating, getting up and moving around, or taking your non-dominant hand and spelling the alphabet backwards.

"When we try to have to write the alphabet backwards we're engaging our frontal lobe because we have to think about it. We're also engaging our cerebellum which is the movement part of our brain which will automatically then disengage from our emotional center," says Dr. Roche.

She emphasizes social isolation doesn't mean you have to stay inside. Not only does nature provide you with a dose of vitamin D, it gives you a chance to take the kids out and and an opportunity to explore the Treasure State.

"We have so much opportunity here in Billings and in Montana to get out and go where you can still keep your social distancing in place," says Dr. Roche.

She concludes, by saying we can be creative now more than ever and overall, positivity is key.

"There's plenty of stuff that we can still can be very grateful for that we have in the United States that many countries don't have that we still have." 

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