Containing the Coronavirus COVID-19

Billings, MT – For the second time this week, RiverStone Health, Yellowstone County’s public health department, has reported another COVID-19 related death of a Yellowstone County resident.

On Sunday, July 26, a man in his 40s passed away at his home.  To protect the privacy of the deceased man and his family, RiverStone Health will release no further information. 

This most recent death in Yellowstone County is reflected on today’s state COVID-19 tracking map.  

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the deceased’s family and friends as they mourn the passing of their loved one,” said John Felton, Yellowstone County health officer and RiverStone Health president and CEO. 

“This life lost marks the first time a person in their 40s has died due to COVID-19 related illness in Yellowstone County,” said Felton.  “Looking at the rising number of people becoming infected with COVID-19, 44 percent of them are in the 20-40 age group. This passing makes it clear that younger people also can suffer severe outcomes should they be infected with this virus.  We can only prevent this disease from infecting others by taking personal responsibility by wearing a mask, watching our distance, washing our hands and staying home when we are ill.”

To date, 910 Yellowstone County residents have been infected with COVID-19 and 23 have died.

On Tuesday morning, the Crow Incident Response Center shared a Facebook post stating a Crow Tribal member died in Yellowstone County due to COVID-19, making them the 6th Crow Tribal member to die of the virus.

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