HELENA – Governor Steve Bullock sat down for a one-on-one interview, to reflect on how he has managed the state of Montana during the global coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview with Angela Marshall, the governor weighed in on what he thinks he has done right, what he wishes he could do over, and where Montana goes from here.

“You know that every one of your decisions can have a real impact on people’s lives,” Bullock said. “When I said that we’re going to move our schools to remote learning, I knew that we were going to adversely impact some kids, because the safest place that actually they have to go is the schools. So each one of both the directives and the actions, it weighs on you that it adversely affects folks.” 

As of Tuesday, Montana marked a grim milestone, with more than 1,000 active cases of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Since March, the state has logged 1,952 confirmed cases total.

More than 30 Montanans have died because of the virus. The most recent deaths are linked to an outbreak at memory care facility in Billings.

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