BILLINGS, Mont. -- As part of Governor Steve Bullock's COVID-19 management plan, St. Vincent Health Care in Billings is offering free asymptomatic surveillance testing to its health care workers.

Dr. Michael Bush, Chief Medical Officer for St. V's, says they are screening associates and medical staff on a voluntary basis.  He says the results will help determine the rate of asymptomatic infection in the community.  Medical staff can sign up for a 10 minute time slot online, and testing will be available Monday through Friday for at least the next two weeks.

"I just appreciate the response from our associates and the community," Dr. Bush says, "We are in difficult times, but I'm going to put my plug in for wearing a mask, socially distancing, limiting gathering sizes, and good handwashing."

Dr. Bush says they asked for 800 test kits from the state and testing may continue after the two weeks, depending on demand.

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