Testing for detection of virus that causes COVID-19

Awe Kualaawache Care Center (AKCC), a nursing home in Crow Agency, reports one of their employees has tested positive for COVID-19. AKCC says the employee is asymptomatic and is currently quarantining for 14 days. 

AKCC says the employee will not be able to return to work until they have had two negative tests. It's reported that the employee's most recent test is negative. They also say the employee has not had contact with other employees or residents of the nursing home for about four days. 

The nursing home says they test employees and residents on a bi-weekly basis. AKCC says they have not received any positive results so far and are currently awaiting results from last week. Another round of testing is being conducted today, June 30th. 

The Care Center is continuing to restrict visitation in an effort to keep their residents safe. 

The facility is in communications with State, I.H.S. and County health officials in investigating who the employee may have had contact with. The nursing home says after a review of the testing timeline, they do not believe their facility has been compromised. 

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