Just moments before President Trump announced new testing for COVID-19, Governor Steve Bullock was on a phone call with him telling him Montana was one day away from running out of tests.

In an audio recording obtained by the New York Times Bullock said, "the private market is telling us it's the national resources taking our orders apart.  Basically we're getting our orders canceled."

But it's not just testing kits Bullock is concerned about, he added, "that's for PPE, that's for testing supplies, that's for testing equipment."

In response to Governor Bullock's claims President Trump had this to say, "I haven't heard about testing in weeks. We've tested more now than any nation in the world."

Governor Bullock is holding a press conference this afternoon at 3:00 pm from Helena.  We'll be streaming it live on our website and Facebook as well. 

Click on the video to listen to their conversation. 

Read the full report from The New York Times here.

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