BILLINGS, Mont. - A Billings mother took to social media to warn others just how dangerous the coronavirus can be, not only for adults, but for children too, after she and her six children tested positive for the virus.

In a private Facebook group Sandra Sanderson says she saw a post from a parent asking about indoor places to take their kids. Another woman commented on the post, asking why anyone would want to expose their children during a pandemic and listed different at-home activities for children. 

Sanderson says after reading comments from people attacking the woman and claiming children are least likely to contract the virus she felt the need to comment. 

“Keeping your family safe is so important, and that didn’t happen and it is so heartbreaking watching your kids go through all of this pain and suffering and there’s nothing you can do about it," says Sanderson.

Sanderson says before she tested positive for COVID-19, she was already taking precautions. She would wear her mask, gloves and sanitize her hands. She would avoid going to grocery stores as much as she could. But she unfortunately contracted the virus after visiting a relative's home and it wasn't long after that the virus spread to her six children.

Sanderson says her children were scared when they found out she was positive. They were hoping nothing bad would happen to their mother. When the virus spread to her children she was working overtime to take care of her sick children.

“I felt like I was dying, laying in bed not being able to breathe right, feels heavy to breathe and  then my kids are crying because they don’t feel good so I’m having to get up and tend to them and basically put myself on the back burner, but I have to be well to care for them," explains Sanderson.

While Sanderson and all her children contracted the same virus, all their symptoms are different. One of Sanderson's 11-year-old daughters had extreme headaches, a sore throat and constant body aches, but her twin sister only had a sore throat and stuffy nose. Sanderson says she lost her sense of smell, had a bad cough and difficulty breathing. Her 20-year-old daughter lost her sense of taste and her one-year-old baby had extremely high fevers.

Now Sanderson is urging parents to do their part and take COVID-19 serious.

“Just keep your kids safe. Do your part to keep your kids and everyone that you love safe... I would never want to see my kids look the way they do right now," Sanderson said.

Sanderson says while her kids are under quarantine they find ways to have fun by playing in the backyard or driving to the airport and watching the planes from inside the car.


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