COVID-19 Recoveries

BILLINGS - Two people from Billings were released from the hospital after suffering from COVID-19.

One of the people, in their 50s, was released from the Billings Clinic on Sunday, April 5 after being there since the end of March. According to a release from RiverStone Health, the person was severely sick and was hooked up to a ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit.

RiverStone Health writes they appeared to have no COVID-19 symptoms when released. 

“This was a true collaboration to provide expert, lifesaving care for this patient, and it is wonderful to see them go home,” Nancy Iversen said in the release, a Registered Nurse, Director of Patient Safety and Infection Control at Billings Clinic and a medical-technical specialist with the Unified Health Command. “All care providers followed the proper guidelines for the care of this patient as well as to protect themselves and others from the spread of this illness.”

The second person, released from St. Vincent Healthcare on Thursday, April 2, was an 80-year-old with underlying health problems.

They arrived at St. Vincent in late March after showing signs of a respiratory infection for the previous two weeks. When released, they were not contagious, according to RiverStone Health.

“COVID-19 was suspected from the beginning, so our team practiced exceptional isolation protocols that were followed from the moment this gentleman entered our care and throughout his entire stay,” said St. Vincent Healthcare Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. David Graham said in the release. “Despite his ailments, he did not require ventilation during his stay and was able to return home without any oxygen or rehabilitation needs.”

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