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Rural Montana is more than just our home.  It’s where many of us were born, grew up and raised a family of our own.  It’s where we helped build a community of hard working Montanans who care deeply about their responsibility to provide healthy food and quality products for Americans, and for others around the world.  Montana Farm Bureau Foundation envisions a future where agriculture is thriving in Montana, and where younger people are excited to come home and work on Montana’s farms and ranches.  Where the rural communities in which Montana’s ranch and farming families reside are healthy and vibrant.  

2019 will mark the 100th birthday for our parent organization, Montana Farm Bureau Federation. To celebrate our first 100 years and renew the betterment of the communities of Montana, the Foundation is offering qualified applicants the opportunity to apply for grant funding.  Montana Farm Bureau Foundation looks to increase rural prosperity and stimulate economic development by strengthening its roots and bettering small towns across Montana.  


Our Foundation has committed a centennial investment total of $100,000 to offer the opportunity of grants to individuals or companies that will contribute to economic development in rural Montana.  The Montana Farm Bureau Foundation Board has not set a limit on individual grants.  However, it is our intention to fund multiple projects throughout rural Montana.  The Centennial Community Initiative is established to help expand economic opportunities, create jobs, support infrastructure improvements, increase support in community service, and provide a long lasting impact in Montana rural areas.   The following examples are projects that may be awarded a grant through the Centennial Community Initiative.

  • Creating a business plan that will allow a new rural business to attract start-up capital.
  • Provide matching grant money for large economic development projects.  
  • Purchase equipment needed for a new rural business.
  • Community improvement projects that attract new businesses or new residents.

Click Here to Download the Centennial Community Initiative Grant Application Packet.

Centennial Community Initiative Fundraising Campaign

How can you help?  If you agree with the Foundation Board and feel this is a worthy concept, you can help make it happen.  Our Foundation has created a new $1K Club to help with this initiative.  It would only take 100 members willing to donate $1,000 to reach our goal.  We can even break your donation into installments.

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