SD2 $1.6 Million School Mill Levy Passes

BILLINGS, Mt. - It's election night for an elementary school mill levy for Billings public schools. Voters in school district two passed that levy tonight. 

It is important to note these results are unofficial until they are fully canvassed.

Greg Upham held a watch party as he awaited for the unofficial results. Upham was pretty hopeful of the outcome. He says that if the mill levy was not passed that they would have to look at more reductions in the district's budget. Though, the results of the $1.6 million levy fell in the district's favor.

When it was time to view the results Upham and others in attendance eagerly refreshed the results page. Once the unofficial results were announced those at the table were overjoyed.

After the announcement of the results, Upham says he is grateful and appreciative of the Billings community for coming together to support the levy during tough times.

"Now, it's to get busy with the budget and see where we can plug that in and help us moving forward. As I stated it doesn't completely cure our ills, it is a good step in the right direction and I want to enjoy this today but we know exactly what to do tomorrow," says Upham.

Upham thanks the Billings community and says they should be proud of themselves and the work teachers have done. He goes on to say this is a big win for public education.

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