Amusement Park Drive-In To Open Friday

BILLINGS - The opportunity to "catch a movie under the stars from the comfort of your car" may be coming to a close after the Amusement Park Drive-In had a rough year.

The Drive-In theater, near Laurel, became a staple for community members looking to get out of their house and enjoy new entertainment outdoors. But now, the theater says it may have to close, "possibly forever."

In a July 20 Facebook post from the Drive-In, they say that many factors have contributed to the potential end of their business.

A lack of employees recently led to technical difficulties, but the Drive-In says new movie streaming networks are also to blame. With platforms like Disney+ and Netflix, movie theaters are becoming more like historical buildings.

But those aren't the only things that affected the Drive-In.

"Last year was a disaster with no new movies being released," they wrote on Facebook.

With all these factors beating the theater down, they say they may have to "close the Drive-In after Labor Day Weekend, and possibly forever."

Though there is concern for the future of the outdoor theater, Amusement Park Drive-In has not yet made a final decision on their closing.

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