As the Bobcats returned to campus, what's the move-in plan:

BOZEMAN- The show must go, on or in this case move-in week must go on.

Montana State University is preparing for the return of their student body.

This year the move-in of the freshman and sophomores into dorms are going to look just a little different.

Normally, move-in would take one day, but this year it's going to take a week. The move-in week this year will be from August 10 to 16.

This year students are going to have a two-hour window to move in between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. this to allow for social distancing. 

Each student will be allowed two family members at a time inside the dorms. You’ve got to keep a 6-foot distance from others during the moving process along with a mask on. 

“The Bobcat campus community… we’ve proven time and time again we are adaptable that we pitch in and that we help protect each other,” Michael Becker the MSU News Service News Director said, “We care for each other, we care about each other and that’s what we’re looking for this fall for people to continue that bobcat spirit [and] come to campus, watch out for each other and do the best they can to minimize the risk of the virus.”

Right now, the university is taking extra precautions, ordering masks and even setting aside space for students in case of quarantine is needed.

They will have 32 spaces available for students to quarantine if it becomes needed.

Montana State University also will have sanitation kits for students with 80 refill stations across campus. Students will receive hand sanitizer, microfiber wipes, and gloves with the hope that they will clean workstations and desks after use.

The university is asking students to ship boxes with their belongings ahead of time to the dorm to help make the moving process more efficient and for students in need of books or supplies from the university bookstore, the university bookstore will be delivering to dorms throughout the semester.

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