What Initiative 186 is really saying

Initiative 186 is basically saying that mining companies need to have a plan in place to clean up after themselves when it comes to hard rock mining. 

Hard rock mining is exactly what it sounds like; mining for gold, silver, diamonds, and similar resources. 

Right now, mining companies aren’t held solely responsible for any clean-up procedures.

As a matter of fact, you the taxpayer foot the bill.

If I-186 is passed, mining companies would have to lay out what they call a 'restoration plan'. 

In other words, the land they’re mining must be left the same way they found it. 

The initiative could lead to less water pollution, better public health, and most of all, put the financial responsibility back on the mining company for clean up costs.

On the other end of the spectrum, opponents to this initiative claim that this will drive mining out of Montana and could cause significant job loss across the state.

'Stop I-186 to Protect Miners and Jobs,' is the main group opposing this initiative saying the ballot measure is redundant because Montana already has some of the strictest environmental laws in the nation.

In addition to this, job loss could be seen at upwards of 20-thousand jobs and the industry itself could see a billion dollar loss, damaging the overall economy in Montana.

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