"Perma Red" movie hosting casting calls in Montana

Casting calls for "Perma Red," a movie set in 1940s Montana, continue today and tomorrow. 

Today's audition is in Great Falls at the Little Shell Tribe Office from 3:30 to 7 p.m. Auditions on Wednesday will be in Browning at Browning High School from 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

In a Facebook event, the film's creators say they're looking for:

2 Females, Native American
Ages: 15-25 
Louise: Rebellious and an old soul, she uses her looks and personality to get what she wants. Copper hair and could pass for white
Ernestine: Also a rebel, but aware of the future. 

2 Males 
Native American
Ages: 15-30 
Baptiste: Mysterious and full of a quiet power. Tough and traditional. (age 15-25)
Charlie Kicking Woman: A Tribal Cop who tries to fit in with a White police force. Wise, but flawed. (age 18-30)

No acting experience necessary! 
Only AMBITION is a must!
Does not have to live in Montana to audition. 

You're asked to bring a head shot, and the filmmakers say they will provide a scene to read. If you're unable to make it, you can email them for the scene and then send back a short video to castingperma@gmail.com

The film's website says:

Perma Red is set in Mission Valley in the 1940s, this true story follows Louise White Elk, a beautiful, wild young Native American woman. Through the course of a seven-part series, we’ll watch as Louise breaks from Ursuline Boarding School, attempts to come of age and ultimately tries to reconcile her mixed heritage.

The three men in her life symbolize this struggle – reservation police officer Charlie Kicking Woman; Harvey Stoner, the quintessential rich, and dangerous, white man; and Baptiste, the man who represents the power and necessity of the old ways.

This is a story that happened in Montana and the retelling simply can’t be shot anywhere else. Montana is itself a pivotal character of the movie. There is no substitute for the untamed Mission Mountains or the breathtaking valley cradled by that range. The author, producers and screenwriter are all Montanans and it is their aim to do justice to Louise’s story and to exalt the beauty that is Montana. This project brings opportunity to Montana, to women and to the native community so ravaged by forced assimilation.

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