Money saving hacks to stay warm this winter

With winter approaching, you'll be turning that heat up more and more. 

Sadly, so will your electric bill. 

To avoid breaking the bank, but still staying warm this year, here are some hacks that could be helpful.

•Bundle up! The goal here is to keep heat from escaping the body. Wear thick socks and maybe even throw on a hat to make sure you’re covered from head to toe.  

• Keep your bath or shower water. Letting that warm water sit and cool to room temperature will help to add heat into the air as well as moisture.

• Open the curtains on any window the sun directly hits. Then shut them once the sun has shifted away. The curtains will act as insulators and keep the sun’s heat inside your home and the cold air out.

• Planning on baking? Keep the oven cracked open after you're done to let it warm up the rest of your home. 

• Zone heating is a great way to stay warm! Simply close off vents in rooms you don't spend much time in. This will redirect heat toward the more commonly used spaces. 

• Use the candle trick! Carefully walk around your home with a lit candle and put it up to any openings that lead outside, such as the border of a door. If the candle flickers, you have a draft and need to put some insulation there. Insulating under doors will work great as well to keep heat inside of a room. 

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