Malmstrom AFB's impact on Great Falls

Malmstrom AirForce base is a vital part of the Great Falls community.

Thousands of airmen live and shop both on and off base, making a huge impact on the surrounding community.  

According to Malmstrom AFB, 40% of the economic activity seen throughout Great Falls is generated from airmen.

Currently, there are 4,000 men and women serving at Malmstrom.

Colonel Jennifer Reeves, the Wing Commander at Malmstrom AFB, says about half of these men and women live off base.

In addition, a 2017 statistic states that Malmstrom contributes $350 million through indirect jobs, average annual pay, and construction and services to the Great Falls community.

Colonel Reeves says that without the support of Malmstrom AirForce base, Great Falls would most likely struggle.

“We could have some challenges in the Great Falls area because it’s a significant portion of the economic activity that happens annually in Great Falls,” said Colonel Reeves in an interview early Tuesday morning.

Looking forward, Malmstrom is instituting a ballistic missile program called Ground Base Strategic Deterrent that is worth $80 billion dollars; and some of that money will be seen in the Great Falls area.

Malmstrom Air Force base has been a part of the Great Falls community since the mid-1940’s, and with such a great relationship, Colonel Reeves says they plan on sticking around a whole lot longer.

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