Local businesses giving back to the community

It was only a couple weeks ago that Schulte's here in Great Falls had fallen victim to an attempted break-in; costing them hundreds of dollars in damage.

However, the damage was the least of their concerns.

What they were really worried about was that the money needed to fix the door was being taken away from helping others in the community.

Schulte’s has been a figure in the Great Falls community for over thirty years now.

For them, giving isn’t just a seasonal gesture or a blank check.

For Schulte's, giving comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Sometimes it's a check but other times, it's a pair of sneakers for a high school athlete in need.

No matter what the gift is, many times it is given anonymously.

Store owner Rory Schulte learned the act of generosity at an early age.

"When I was in elementary school, I could always remember red ribbon week and it set it in at that time that I kind of learned what my parents established here and what they wanted this place to be. Everybody at the school at Lewis and Clark would get Laffy Taffy’s, red Laffy Taffy’s, and it was really neat. And everybody knew it came from Schulte’s,"  said Rory Schulte.

Giving back to the community is Schulte’s way of saying thank-you for giving your business to us.

It’s something they’ve always done and always plan to do.

Schulte’s is just one of the many local business’ here in Great Falls that give back to the community and look out for one another, 

One example of this can be seen in the recent break-in of the Sinclair station off of 57th St S. 

After a break-in a few weeks ago, the store faced hundreds of dollars in repairs and loss of merchandise. 

Schulte's immediately sent flowers and offered help in any way possible. 

Several local businesses across Great Falls share in this type of generosity and care for the community. 

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