Chimney cleaning winter hack

Winter is fast approaching and for many, cleaning the chimney probably isn’t on the top of their to-do list.

However, according to the Vaughn Volunteer Fire Department, it could potentially save your life.

The chimney is an important part of the house, providing ventilation for toxic fumes and smoke.

However, with every fire you burn, soot begins to stick to the inside of the chimney and flue.

Signs of a bad chimney include: 

• Damaged mortar joints

• Rusted damper or firebox

• Cracked chimney crown

• Damaged wallpaper

• Spalling bricks 

• Shaling flue tiles

According to the Vaughn Volunteer Fire Department, chimneys should be cleaned by a chimney sweeper once a year.

It’s also of equal importance to have the chimney properly installed and annually inspected.

"If its not been a properly maintained chimney and a chimney has already had a fire, which causes cracks within the clay and the mortar, it’ll spread pretty quickly. So within thirty minutes, you can easily have a fully involved house fire," says Ken Hanks, Assistant Fire Chief for Vaughn Volunteer Fire Dept.

Having a well-maintained chimney could save you from having to replace your home and belongings, as well as keep you and your family safe. 

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