Cascade County Sheriff Republican Candidate Bob Rosipal

The primary elections were last night for the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office, with the only Republican candidate being Bob Rosipal. 

Rosipal's first and foremost concern is for that of the community. In fact, the first thing on his agenda if he is elected as Sheriff would be to grow the deputy reserves. 

By doing this, Rosipal plans on having more manpower to provide safety during large events and support on emergency calls. 

Rosipal's next goal is to create a positive working climate at the Sheriff's office. Through working with the administration and supervisors, Rosipal will make sure the entire staff is accounted for and taken care of. 

Lastly, Rosipal wants to create a citizen/ community committee to ensure that everyone's needs are met and their voices are heard. 

"Having that open communication, and like I said. Working to help solve their problems. They bring stuff up. In one neighborhood it can be nothing but barking dogs.  And that’s their biggest issue. In another neighborhood, it could be breaking into cars, burglaries. Something more serious," stated Bob Rosipal.

According to Rosipal, he has a four four-year plan that he feels will accomplish all of these goals and more.

Rosipal spent the primary elections at the Holiday Inn watching the polls.

However, unlike the other candidates, Rosipal didn’t hold any type of party because he is the only Republican candidate.

Come this November, Republican Bob Rosipal and Democrat Jesse Slaughter will finish the race in the general election.   

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