Benefis ED

A string of deadly crashes has occurred over the past several weeks, which has put Great Fall’s new Benefis emergency department to the test.

The new ED just completed its first phase of construction and opened its doors for service back in May... And boy did they get it.

Being the only level 2 trauma facility in the state, Benefis ED is very busy when there is an emergency.

In fact, they have seen more cases since their opening several weeks ago than they have in the past.

The incident that put them to the test happened on the afternoon of June third, when a multiple vehicle crash injured eight people; all of which received care at Benefis hospital’s emergency department.

"Through this recent mass casualty event, it actually demonstrated that there’s really nothing to change. We actually designed it very well. It happened, it was used in the way it was designed, and it went perfectly. To the fact that we actually treated all of these patients in a matter of a couple hours," stated Kevin Langkiet, Director of Emergency Services & Critical Care

One thing Kevin did mention was that construction being completed would help to make things a little easier, however;  construction isn't expected to be completed until December of this year.

"Christmas can't get here fast enough," laughed Kevin.

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