Aussie Pitcher Now Surrounded by Mountains

Australia is surrounded entirely by water. Being surrounded by water isn't something that Montanans are used too, except for Michael Gahan. Born and raised in a small town in New South Wales, on the East Coast, Michael came to to the mountains to play college baseball. "I just love playing baseball. I kind of realized that as I progressed through playing baseball in Australia that I was able to come and play college baseball. It was a good idea to come get my education and play baseball as well," Gahan explained.

Michael played in Miles City his first two years before coming to Billings. He had never visited the state before moving. "I had a friend who I played with back home. I flew over here for a bunch of recruiting trips. I didn't come to Montana at all. I was just kind of in California, Arizona, and then I went out to the East Coast for a trip out there. Then, I got a call from my buddy and he said 'our coach is really interested in having you come play for us.' And I kind of just talked to him for a little bit and it progressed more and more. And then he convinced me to come play there."

This winter season has been one of the most brutal, and while he's gotten used to the snow, the senior pitcher said he takes full advantage of the time he has during the cold weather months to go back home. "I'll just hangout at the beach with some warm weather. I'm able to go outside and hit and throw where as some guys here are just stuck indoors, so I kind of have a little bit of an advantage."

And when it comes to his accent. His teammates always poke fun. Of course, in a light-hearted fashion. "They always will like repeat words. I guess it sounds normal to me, but it doesn't sound normal to them so they always give me a hard time about it," laughed Gahan.

Gahan plans on playing in Canada this summer for the Edmonton Prospects.

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