Artificial sweeteners turn your own body against you

A new study found that artificial sweeteners could be turning your own body against you. 

A new article published in the Molecules Medical Journal documented that six FDA approved foods and drinks containing artificial sweeteners were toxic to the digestive microbes in mice.

Researches found that exposing even one milligram per milliliter of artificial sweetener would make the bacteria in the digestive system become toxic.

However, this is only one of the many problems when it comes to foods with artificial sweeteners.

"Soda doesn’t have much in the way of nutrients. Regular soda tends to have a lot of sugar and also caffeine; so it can interfere with sleep and the sugar can be converted easily into fat. It’s not good for weight gain or healthy weight maintenance," says Emily Grant, a pediatrician at Benefis. 

While it might seem difficult to forgo the foods with artificial sweeteners, there are plenty of healthier alternatives including fruit juices, nectar, honey, molasses, and maple syrup.

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