Animal shelters across the state need your help

Montana is facing a major overcrowding issue in animal shelters across the state. 

With every shelter at max capacity, if not more, animal shelters are forced to make room wherever possible.

The main culprits of the overcrowding are cats, however, dogs are also part of the equation.

Typically, Great Falls Animal Shelter sees an influx increase in the summers, but this year, they’ve seen more than usual.

The Great Falls Animal Shelter typically has a cutoff of around 60 cats and 28 dogs.

Despite this, they have been forced to take in over double their cutoff amount; currently housing 158 cats and 25 dogs.

With such a high volume of animals, they've had to get creative on where to put our furry little friends.

"When one cat comes in, stray, whoever brings it in; we have to go and find a kennel, set it up, and put the cat in there. Normally it’s wherever we can find space. Set it on top of this kennel. Set it on top of that kennel in triage. It’s really just finding that space," says Karen Hockenberry, Great Falls Animal Shelter's Volunteer Coordinator.

If you're interested in adopting a pet, next week is a perfect time.

Usually, the animal shelter has a special event called Home for the Holidays, typically lasting one day.

However, with such a high volume of animals, the event is being extended from November 26-30th.

During this time, you can adopt any cat/kitten for $20.00 and any dog/puppy for $40.

As a pet owner, one of the best ways you can help is by making sure your pets are chipped, fixed, and fully vaccinated.

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