Airfare Prices Soaring

Airfare is on the rise once again, meaning you'll have to open your wallet a little bit wider in order to buy a plane ticket. 

While several reasons contribute to the rise in airfare, ranging from the price of jet fuel to the number of resources an airline has, one of the more prominent reasons is the shortage of pilots in the sky.

Becoming a pilot is no easy task. 

From years of school to 15,000 hours of experience in the cockpit, becoming a pilot is a time consuming, as well as money consuming activity. 

Once students are out of school, they typically start working for a smaller airline. 

Smaller airlines are usually in rural parts of a state and are low yielding, meaning they have limited resources and passengers.  

However, smaller airlines are slowly diminishing with larger companies taking over.

This eliminates the first stepping stone for young pilots and as a result, schools are now offering programs and are in partnership with larger airlines to educate and open more job prospects for young pilots in larger markets. 

If you take a step back you can see how this leads to a downward trend. 

If airports have contracts with smaller airlines, but young pilots aren't going to the smaller markets or the airlines are taken over by larger airlines, flights begin to get canceled or the prices for tickets skyrocket due to their limited resources. 

Not only this, but pilots are forced to retire at the age of 65.

With the amount of time and money required to become a pilot, positions aren't being filled quick enough. 

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