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Butte airport receives grant for new snow equipment

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Butte's Bert Mooney Airport received a $600,000 grant to help clear the runway in the winter months. 

The goal of the $683,965 grant is to help make flying in the winter safer and more efficient.

Bert Mooney Airport Field Operations Supervisor Mike Konen said the Federal Aviation Administration in Helena saw a need for better snow removal for Butte's runway.

"We're on a pretty tight budget, so this piece of equipment will help us get the runway cleared faster," Konen said. The new equipment is a combined plow, blower and broom. Without the machine it takes two workers to scrape snow off the runway, but this new machine will allow one worker with one machine to clear it.

"We're really thankful, like I said we're a small airport and a piece of equipment like this helps so much,' said Konen.

Passengers at the airport agreed this is a positive step forward for Butte's airport. "I go to California around Christmas time and this will be awesome. I won't have to worry about the snow because they'll have this great equipment," said passenger Lu Salmonsen.

Konen also said the airport has plans to demolish their old terminal and expand their parking lot.